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Hi people!

First, sorry for writing in English, but I can't communicate in French.

Although this is my first post here, maybe some of you know me trough, a site that I created to race your friends online on your favourite puzzles.

Today I would like to introduce, a website to manage official competitions.

My main goal in this project has been helping as much as possible to delegates and organizers in their tasks. Some of the benefits of using are:
  • Three separate ways to use the web: as an administrator (all permissions), as a score taker (different password) and as audience in the public live results sub-domain:
  • Uniform, easy and fast way to input scores, omitting "." and ":"
  • Allows concurrency: unlimited number of score takers can multiply your speed entering scores.
  • Allows importation of WCA's .CSV registration file.
  • Prints personalized, customizable 'time sheets' including competitor name and id, event name, round number and the exact number of boxes for scores (plus one).
  • The results will be available for the public as soon as you submit every one of them.
  • Statistics for special podiums/prizes, like youngest and oldest competitor, females, etc.
  • And the very best feature: :D One-click production of the .XLSX file to export all data to the WCA.
Delegates and organizers who could like test the website, please contact me through

A sample of the public part (live results) can be seen at

Finally, here you are a short video showing main features. This video is a week old and some things have been added, changed or improved, but all in all it will be fine for a first contact:" onclick=";return false;
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Le point le plus important est l'insertion des temps sans le . ou : et ça a l'air vraiment sympa.
Beau boulot !
I think that the most important feature is the way to input scores which seams really nice.
Nice work!
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Très intéressant :oui:
J'attend de voir ce que ça va donner.
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First, sorry for my English. I wish nothig but the best for you. This website can be interesting to have his results for his own family faster. I am not an organizer either a delegate, but I am going to solve Rubik's cubes in championship in a few months so it will be faster to have my results (I think), especially for my family if they are interested about my results, as I said before. (If I understood all the text)

En français ça devrait donner à peu près ça :

Premièrement, pardon pour mon englais. Je te souhaite le meilleur. Ce site peut-être intéressant pour avoir plus rapidement des résultats pour sa famille notamment pour sa famille. Je ne suis ni un organizer ni un délégué officiel, mais je vais résoudre des Rubik's cube en compétition dans quelques mois donc ça va être plus rapide d'avoir mais résultats (enfin je pense), et spécialement pour ma famille si elle intéressée par mes résultats, comme je l'ai dit auparavant. (Si j'ai compris tout le texte)

N'hésitez pas à corriger mon anglais plus qu'hésitant

Do not hesitate to correct my not good English.
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It. Seems. Awesome.
That looks really interesting and I'll probably use it in July for the competition I'm co-organizing. Thanks for sharing this on this forum :smt023:
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Je souhaite utiliser Cubecomps pour le Hem MariCubik Open ... qui a déjà utilisé ? et comment procède-t-on ?
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Envoie un mail à Luis, ou trouve le sur facebook, sur sa page TTW.
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OK c'est fait , ça a l'air cool et pas trop dur à utiliser...
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Envoie un mail à Luis, ou trouve le sur facebook, sur sa page TTW.
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Je profane le topique,

J'ai découvert qu'il existait une application mobile cubecomps: la voilà pour android.
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